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Monday, April 04, 2011

Clean-up Duty

As we barrel toward the end of the school year, I've been revisiting and revising earlier projects. I always liked this assignment, though the version that was my "final" for class was really never final. And maybe this isn't, either, but it's a lot closer.

Background: The assignment was to do a really abstract caricature of someone for a magazine like Rolling Stone. The image had to be hip, and done in this style created (I assume) by this artist name David Cowles. We also had to create the facing page design, where the headline for the story would go.

Since last year was the centennial of Mark Twain, I decided to go a little retro with my topic while trying to stay current with the look. I'm pleased with how it ultimately came out. If I were really ambitious, I would also write the article that goes with the images.

Maybe not today.


Don West said... the ambition for a paying article :-) Great job on the design. Knew who it was immediately.

Trail Boy said...

Love it. Very nice. your stuff is captivating. nice twain.