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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ann Arbor Easter

We made a quick trip to AA for Easter, which gave me two opportunities for playing in the sketchbook. The first was Sunday morning, as I was waking up and drinking my coffee and admiring objets d'art in my host's condo. The inspiration for this fishy is a carved wood object. I decided to make him colorful.

On the way home, I played my game of "capture-tiny-sketches-of-stuff-you-see-while-the-car-is-moving."
No, I was not driving. But this is a fun thing to do. Lotsa farms between here and Michigan.


Kay said...

love both sketches!

Karen Blados said...

I like your tiny sketches idea, but then I'd have to stay awake. I have family in Toledo and that drive might have farms, but it's mostly just flat and boring. I have to pop starburst to stay awake if I'm driving.

Oh, and that's a cool fish, too.