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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Try this!

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Sometimes I have the most fun with simple projects. This one: to capture a series of expressions on various faces and render them in black and white. The models here who get the highest number of good-sport points are Lylah, center, and Clare, lower left, because they purposely posed for me in the most expressive -- and least flattering -- ways possible. Other photos were ones I had taken for other reasons, and just happened to like when it came to the expressions project. Top left, Carlo; Top right, Katy; Bottom right, Herb -- the Adams County auctioneer and farmer who sold us our sweet puppy, Pearl. Herb's face was quite fun to draw because of his wrinkles.

This is also a fantastic exercise for practicing subtleties of rendering. I will do more of these for sure. Should you have the sudden urge to see your expression-filled face under my gaze, please contact me.


honey said...

i want to meet Carlo, and i believe i have been the squinter, the smiler, and i am definitely a wrinkle puss!

what fun these faces are with your pen in hand.

Karen Blados said...

wonderful! i really like the squinter and Katy's eyes.

Marcie said...

This is such fun! Love those faces!!!