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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And yet ...

and yet it's kind of frightening, isn't it?

I started out thinking to do something a little cute and kids-bookish, and drew this in my sketchbook. I was called to mark it up with garish colors, which, in combination with the proportions of the blue cat -- which said proportions make me think of the creepy disproportions of humans as they're drawn in Early American primitive art -- contribute to these vaguely unsettling qualities.

One of the compelling things about being someone who likes to draw is that even when one has seemingly nothing to draw, stuff comes out. The where-does-it-come-from question pulls me in. The girl here is singing to her cat, by the way. The cat may be torn between horror and a need to continue to be cute.

Is there something to be done with this? Transformation? Repair? Evolution? I just saw a film about street artists. Perhaps I'll turn the girl and her blue cat into a giant stencil and paint her all over the city. Wouldn't that be fun ...

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