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Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Survive Winter

OK, so listen.
I know you're tired of the snow. We're all tired of the snow. It's been snowing since Halloween, right?
But you must get a grip, because my calendar says Jan. 30, and this means that we have more snow on the way.

So put your boots on. The coat that makes you look like a beach ball. The hat that everyone laughs at. Your gloves, if you can find them. (Did you lose your gloves again? Honest to goodness ...)

Now go for a walk. Yes, I know, the sidewalks aren't clear. Go someplace, then, where the sidewalks are clear, and take a little walk. Not five minutes, but maybe 10. Twenty if you're feeling ambitious. Look up in the trees. Notice the architecture, the bare branches. Count how many little bird nests you see. Isn't it cute when you see them topped with snow, like little cupcakes in the trees?

Walk around until, as one friend says, your thighs freeze. If your thighs are anything like mine, this will not be an instantaneous process. Walk around till your little rabbit brain -- the one making lists of all the things you have to do -- shuts up for a while. Walk around till you stop mentally arguing with that obnoxious person in your life. Just notice the snow. All that snow.

Perhaps a thought will cross your mind, as you're beginning to see a kind of frigid beauty in it all. You'll remember how, on one of the warmest days last summer, when the sun was peeling the paint off your car, you had the thought, "The seeming permanence of this is all an illusion, because winter is waiting in the wings. It's there, taking one step onto this stage every day, and soon enough I'll be wishing I were this warm."

So it is today. It's Jan. 30. We have two more months -- TWO MONTHS! -- of winter left, for god's sake!

And yet there, in the wings, you see the toe of spring taking its first steps on stage.

Now you may go inside, my friend, and make yourself some soup.


Gayle Pritchard said...

Thanks for giving us a good talking-to! I'm having hot chocolate instead, after I get back from going outside, that is : )

Maureen said...

Great post!

suzanne cabrera said...

Sounds like a plan to me!

julie in london said...

All my friends in Australia have battled flooding, cyclones and heat during their current summer; and everyone there in Ohio has had enough of winter. Here in London, just another grey day to blend in with all the other grey days. I know what you mean about looking, and really looking at what there is to see each season. If, or when, you can stop the mind wishing you were somewhere else, there really is a lot to see and to be revered. Yep, another grey day in London but I'm all excited for daylight tomorrow to see if it is the day the daffodils bloom in the back garden.