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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

What did you do last year? Did you try something new, go someplace special, create like you've never created before?
Me too. Not to brag, but I did almost everything on last year's list of intentions, except for becoming rich and famous. That was just a shot in the dark anyway.

This year's list is similarly general, mostly because I don't have the will to be more specific right now, due to my weeklong illness. What I really wanted as No. 1 was FEEL GREAT ALL YEAR BEGINNING TODAY. Sigh. That would be nice.


honey said...

i usually pick a word for the year which seems to drive many intentions. last year, my word was "finish." i completed a walking marathon, and i sent "loving aunt ruth" to the editor. tadda. now what?!!!

this year's word is "strength." stay tuned. i like "feel great all year." i hope you feel better soon and learn more about birds for sure.

Kay said...

i usually ignore or forget resolutions but I managed to keep paying studio rent even in the middle of our own financial leaness. So that is something. And I sold artwork..although not enough to pay taxes on. But that is more than the year before.I must admit to falling down hard in my personal fitness and suffering for it so that would be a good area to work on..Happiness and success in the new year to you!

Nin Andrews said...

Oh wow. You're so amazing. I don't do anything on my lists because I usually think I should be a better person. So I have this number one on my list about not biting people in the ass, and that lasts until some ass walks by. Chomp. What can I say?

suzanne cabrera said...

So...can I just steal your list...because I think it is pretty perfect?! All I'll need to do is substitute learning more about birds, for learning more about babies...which I think will happen pretty naturally!

Lovely post!

Kristin Ohlson said...

I love to make resolutions and was happy to see that I made good on some from last year. I'd love to make resolutions even more if I could draw like you do. And Nin Andrews-- heh.

Jilly said...

I like the word "intentions" - seems so much friendlier and do-able than "resolutions". I'm changing the heading in my journal!
Jill (in Australia)