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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An existential question

A week ago today, I was on the treadmill when I wisely got the idea that it might be fun to try to scoop up the dog's ball and throw it for her -- while the treadmill was moving. It will shock you to learn that I fell, tried to scramble to my feet, but lost a couple of layers of skin off my knees before managing to gain uprightitudeness.
The next day, I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Not such a surprise. I also developed a bit of a cough.
The day after that, Christmas Eve, I woke up with the cough and head congestion and a massive migraine and spent the day throwing up and writhing in fever.
The day after that, I no longer felt like I wanted to swallow a cyanide pill and end it all, but I still did not feel good. And the cough had deepened.
The day after that, I felt maybe yet a little less bad, but not good. And the cough had deepend.
The day after that I felt maybe a little less bad, but I could eat. Sort of.
The day after that is today. Today I am not yet well, but well enough to wonder: Did this all happen because I tried to pick up the dog's ball and throw it for her while I was on my treadmill?


honey said...

this is a funny take on a fall.
that's all.

Karen Blados said...

I don't think it's the dog's ball ... I think it's the treadmill. Nasty creation that you now have a reason to stay away from.

Maybe I'll try throwing something tomorrow.


Kay said...

hmmm...seems to be an interesting and painful chain of events..I hope you get well soon. I seem to have days where I hurt myself in a series of odd painful events..then I find that I am in a foggy daydreamy state of being and have to remember to wake up before I drive the car!