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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Book People

It's been a long time since I've been in a room with a self-selecting group of Book People, but I was yesterday at the Buckeye Book Fair. This annual event celebrates the work of Ohio authors and illustrators and provides a great opportunity for shoppers to meet those authors/illustrators and buy their books.
So I tagged along yesterday with the veterans, Sara Holbrook and her partner in rhyme (and other things), Michael Salinger. They both have several books to their name.

So who are the book people who drove to Wooster, Ohio to buy and meet? Lots of teachers. Especially retired teachers. Many of them seemed cheerful and calm and like the kind of people you hoped your kid would have for English or math. (Often enough, they were buying books with their own money for their classrooms, I couldn't help but notice.)

But there were also home-schooler families, and beaming little kids, and farm families and bonneted Amish women and -- I also couldn't help but notice -- people with astounding hair. The woman with the pony tail up there on the right? That ponytail was all white-gray. She was 60 is she was day. But you could still see the 18-year-old girl she used to be.

The mustache I tried to capture there with just a hint of face? Well, I told Sara I thought it looked like the guy was wearing a shih tzu on his lip. My drawing does not do it justice, but in my defense I was trying not to stare. But the thing just went on and on.

Anyway, we signed lots of books, and had a couple of nice discussions (I met the wonderful illustrator Will Hillenbrand and a lovely Cuyahoga County librarian who gets to set up author visits) and just had lots of fun.

Plus, I got to hang out with the perfectly behaved HolbrookSalinger papillions, Susie and Lily.

Books and dogs.
Dogs and books


tricia said...

I had a good time, too, though I was seated between two best selling" writers and for a while felt like the wallfower at the dance. But things picked up! Bless the book buyers.

Jana Bouc said...

I absolutely adore this journal page. The sweet, demure, coquettish expression on the papillion is priceless and your description of the guy wearing a shih tzu on his lip--hilarious!

sara holbrook said...

I LOVE this. You are the best journaler. I had a great time that saturday. Seems like a year ago. Time flies. For real.