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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Owls Make Me Think

We were talking about hunting on the drive out to the raptor center today. Katy, her friend Taylor and me.
Taylor thought I'd be a knee-jerk anti-hunting person.
Here's my thought about that.

It's not that I think all wild animals live great lives. I see the exponential growth of the deer population in my urban/suburban neighborhood and I know these guys can't be living well.
It might be better for everyone if there were fewer of them, and if those destined to starve to death could meet a quick end instead.

What I don't understand is the human eagerness to kill something wild and alive. I'm suspicious of the urge to hunt when one's food needs are already taken care of. What makes a man -- or Sarah Palin -- want to grab a gun and end the life of something beautiful and free?

I don't know what that force is, but I tend to believe it should be resisted.


Meagan said...

I actually feel sort of the opposite. I feel like if you are going to eat meat, you ought to be willing to kill the animal yourself. I think those neatly wrapped plastic packages at the supermarket have allowed us to remove ourselves from the slaughter to the point that we have less value for the lives of the animals.

I have never gone hunting, but actually would be interested in doing so for this reason. I do think killing for sport and trophy, not eating your catch, is pretty terrible.

Kristin Ohlson said...

I love your owl. We have a barred owl visiting our neighborhood now and then. Perhaps drawn by the chipmunk metropolis under my back porch.

Karen Sandstrom at Pen in Hand said...

Meagan - Actually, I think I also agree with you. I just didn't go that far in my blathering.

Don West said...

I'm not a hunter either. But, I know every hunter I've ever met very much respects the life of the animals they've killed and eaten. They require themselves to be accurate in placing their shots so as to minimize the suffering of the animal. So I don't see them as "wrong" in what they do...even though for me I see no true purpose in it. Poachers are another story...

As for killing your own meat if you choose to eat's a valid idea but not realistic, practical or necessary in our society. Thus, it isn't practiced. And I think we'd all eat meat anyway, even if we did have to kill our own. Except vegetarians of course. After all, our ancestors have done that for a looooong time now.

Not much we're gonna do about people who like to hunt and not much reason to care as I see it. It certainly doesn't make me a better person because I don't hunt, nor the hunter a lesser person because he/she does. To think it would, it seems, would make me a pretty self-righteous individual :-) I like the Constitution as it is.

Karen Sandstrom at Pen in Hand said...

Right with you on everything but the "not much reason to care," Don.
I think it's worthwhile to think through and talk through issues that go to who we are as human beings. I think it's worth, for instance, wondering what it means if someone like me eats meat but doesn't like the idea of hunting.
And I think it's worthwhile asking what motivates people who don't have to hunt to eat, yet hunt anyway.

As for the Constitution ... I don't remember anyone suggesting a change.