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Thursday, September 23, 2010

People Like Books

It's true, right? We like to read. :D

Well, this is one of four pin-up style creatures I created as part of a class project that will eventually become a deck of cards. We had the class critique on all the images yesterday. Seems most of us still have quite a bit of work to complete. I would say this one needs very little, though some of my boy classmates want me to put a shirt on her. I guess that just goes to show you that people really DO think that a little peek of skin is sexier than stark nakedness.

So I'll put a shirt on her and I'll probably improve her face, which isn't working for me right now.


Jesus Crisis said...

I love this illustration. The face may seem a little small for someone so interested in books (where brains are concerned, bigger is better, I think) - but she's beautiful nonetheless. Well done...

Don West said...

Oooooo la la! Excellent illustration there! I like :-)