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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Paying Attention

Jane Scott, long-heralded rock critic of the Plain Dealer, used to carry a point-and-shoot camera with her wherever she went. Thus, she had lots of snapshots of herself with famous musicians.
But even for those of us who don't hobnob with the Grateful Dead, this is a good idea. And photo technology has allowed for so much power to be packed into such small devices.

I have a great little Canon Powershot that goes with me in my purse -- along with my sketchbook, of course. And I always have my iPhone, which takes pretty darned nice photos for a phone. My phone goes everywhere, even on dog-walks. This has proved to be useful on several occasions, like when I scooped up the kitty who had been hit by a car; I could then call my daughter to come pick us up.

And I noticed, while out walking Pearlie this morning, that the early-day sunlight was casting interesting shadows. I have a school assignment involving the noticing and depiction of shadows. I'm not going to use this photo for my project, but I liked it well enough. It's a reminder that as long as I'm out walking the dog anyway, I can stop and notice things like shadows and other art projects that the natural world and the manmade world serve up all the time -- whether we notice them or not.

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christy said...

shadows are my favorite. I have found them difficult to capture with my artwork. perhaps, because they are so fleeting?