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Sunday, June 29, 2008


If you've been checking in lately, without reward of a fresh post, I offer you this humble "thank-you" sketch from our just-completed shore vacation. I can't promise I'll be a whole lot more prolific for a while (see earlier pleadings regarding The Project), but I'll post when I can. As always, thanks for the look.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Moose magic

Sometimes I think about my parents' house, and how it bore a kind of elegant dignity. They had refined tastes and my mother regarded, I believe, her house as an ongoing creative project. She wouldn't have put it in those terms, but she was always doing things to make it look nice, make it look better.
Classy. It was classy.

Today I grabbed a few minutes to sketch something very quickly. In our cacophonous collection of art, the moose head from the wild southern guy who did these great strange sculptures stands out. Almost literally. It is true that I had long wanted a moose head, though I had never wanted, you know, a dead moose. Like my mother, I don't think I would have put it in those terms, but I was at a state of frustration - wanting the head, not wanting a dead body - when I found this at an art festival a few years ago.

It makes me smile whenever I see it. It also makes me wonder: What would Mom say?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Crawling in the heat

The June edition of the Cleveland Sketchcrawl - happily coinciding with Drawing Day - took about eight of us to the Gateway neighborhood of the city, where two of the three sports stadiums come together in a complex that still feels pretty new. It was a nice gathering on a really hot, humid morning.

I was happy to see new faces at the crawl. I'm always happy to see new faces at the crawl. But I didn't do much crawling. This one stinkin' drawing is all I produced. Fortunately, we'll crawl again next month.