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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Portrait Party / Kerstin and Karen

This double entry owes its existence to a blog called the Portrait Party, where pairs of artists agree to draw each other. Kerstin at Snowflakes and Black Vampires invited artists to join her in a kind of friendly competition to be the most prolific of the Portrait Partiers, so I volunteered to help.

At top is my rendering of Kerstin, based on a photo. Accuracy-meter seems about a 7 to me; I think her eyes look a bit too close here, but then again that's based on the photo. I found myself thinking about what she would look like in person as I was drawing.
Below is Kerstin's portrait of me. She definitely caught a Karenesque expression.
I like them both, and I really like the challenge, so if anyone else is up for Portrait Partying, give me a holler. And do head over to the Portrait Party - it's a great idea, and very entertaining.


Nin Andrews said...

I love these, but that doesn't look like you to me. I guess if I think hard, it could . . . But still, I like these . . .

Don West said...

Now that's a unique challenge. I'll give it a look see.


Good job with the colors and background on yours.

ksklein said...

i think the eyes are pretty good and the nose, mouth and hair too. somehow only something about the chin and jaws seems not right. but it is really hard to catch the right expression from only one pic. what i like about these portraits is that every one of them had caught something right.